This Institution owes its origin to the Late Maharaja Saheb Sir Krishnakumarsinhji, who first decided to establish a technical institute at Bhavnagar in the memory of the occasion of his accession to the throne on the 18th April, 1931 and donated a sum of Rs. 5 Lacs on 15th March, 1932. This amount grew to Rs.12,16,968/- in Feb. 1948. In addition to this, a sum of Rs.9,97,000/- earmarked for technical training in Bhavnagar was accrued from other sources.

The Institute was established in commemoration of his late father BHAVSINHJI and was commenced from 15th July, 1949 vide Saurashtra Government, Department of Industry & Commerce, Rajkot Resolution No. 36 dtd.23/4/1949 by introducing Automobile Engineering Course with 6 students in the first batch. Gradually, the activities in the Institute expanded and multiplied. Today it has grown to the size of being one of the biggest Polytechnics in India, with the intake capacity of 600 students in the first year of Diploma and Advanced Diploma Courses.

Inherently, the Institute has magnificent building and sufficiently spaced laboratories, workshop, library. With the change in trend of technological and engineering development, the Institute has attempted to synchronize all corresponding activities in terms of quality development programme for staff, new courses, building, laboratory innovation and modernization of equipment. The Institute has corporate reputation due to equilibrium and dynamic co-ordination.

Introduction about Dr. Lavjibhai Thoriya